Imagine your doctor
saying the words, “you have cancer”. Are the thoughts swirling through your head
faster than you can single them out?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with this news?
Now your doctor starts to talk to you about a treatment plan. There are tests
to be run, new specialists to be added to the equation and all must start immediately!!
You may find yourself wondering if you have just been handed a death sentence,
what does an oncologist do, why radiation, will chemo make me lose my hair, what
is chemo, do I need surgery, are there resources available to me, will I still
be able to work?  
the door you go to discover answers on your own. Returning home, you may feel
sick, exhausted, confused and out of control. Where do you start? Maneuvering
through the journey for
you, a new
patient, can be daunting at best and simply overwhelming and exhausting at its
worst. You’d like to talk with someone who is a cancer survivor and can offer
you understanding, information, and above all else, hope
Cancer Survivors Circle of Strength’s

new peer support program is designed for that purpose.

We are asking for your help as Cancer
Survivors Circle of Strength
and implements the “Survivor Connection Network, a Peer Support program. The
Connection Network”
trained volunteer peers with newly diagnosed patients
and their caregivers. We will help guide new patients and their caregivers through
the cancer journey, empower them through their own discoveries and be a friendly
voice on the other end of a phone call just to listen
.  We
want to be there!
your hel
p, we
We can raise $12,000
to develop and implement the “Survivor Connection Network”.
gift will stay in our community, and help us reach our goal of connecting 50 to
60 new patient/caregivers with peer support volunteers.